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Mini Haft Seen Set With Tray

The haft sin set is handmade and made of Italian dough and is inspired by Persian Art.

  • Set of 6 small plates with a tray, tight fish, and valerian vase.
  • Dusty with a damp cloth
  • Tray size: 7 cm
  • Material: Italian dough
  • Design: Waves
  • Artist: Mrs Somayeh Golestani

Note: This product is composed of multiple elements, and detachment may occur during delivery. Customers may need to glue parts back if necessary.

Due to the deformation of the dimensions, it may be up to 1 cm smaller and larger.


A mini Haft Seen set with a tray is a miniature version of the traditional Haft Seen table setting that is used during the Persian New Year celebration known as Nowruz. The Haft Seen table includes seven items that start with the Persian letter “sin”, as well as other traditional items such as candles, flowers, and pastries. Some common items that may be placed on the Haft Seen table include sprouts or grains (symbolizing rebirth and renewal), a sweet pudding made from wheat germ (symbolizing affluence), dried fruit (symbolizing love), garlic (symbolizing medicine), apples (symbolizing health and beauty), sumac berries (symbolizing the sunrise), and vinegar (symbolizing age and patience).

A mini Haft Seen set with a tray would include miniature versions of these items, as well as small decorative elements such as dolls or figurines that represent different aspects of Persian culture and tradition. The tray would be used to hold and display the items included in the mini Haft Seen set. Mini Haft Seen sets with trays are often used as decorative items or as gifts during the Persian New Year celebration. They may be made of a variety of materials, such as ceramic, wood, or plastic, and are usually brightly colored and intricately designed. Mini Haft Seen sets with trays may be purchased at stores that specialize in Persian or Middle Eastern goods, or they may be handmade.

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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions20 × 20 × 20 cm

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