Shamse Haft Seen Set


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Shamse Haft Seen Set

The haft sin set is handmade and made of ceramic and is inspired by Persian art..

Set of 6 side bowls & a middle bowl with a Mirror and two candlesticks.


Side plates size: Diameter 15.5 cm

Middle plate size: Diameter 15.5 cm Height 4 cm

Mirror Size: 24*17 cm

Material Mirror: Ceramic

Mirror with desktop stand

Technique: Sub glaze

Material: Ceramic

Design: Symbols of Haft sin

Black pen writing by hand Lead-free turquoise glaze

Can be used for food

Glaze firing temperature 1100 degrees

Geometric bodies of slurry casting

Washable with cloudy scotch

Approximate container dimensions

Artist:Jafar Panahande


Due to the shape of the dishes, the sizes are approximate.


Handwash only


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Additional information

Weight8 kg
Dimensions40 × 15 × 15 cm