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Khatam Kari

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Welcome to our Persian Khatam Kari, an exquisite showcase of Iranian craftsmanship that brings the ancient art of Khatam Kari to your doorstep. In this section, you’ll discover pieces that are not just products but symbols of a rich cultural heritage.

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Discover the Elegance of Persian Khatam Kari

The History of Persian Khatam Kari

Khatam Kari ( Persian: “خاتم کاری”, Pronounced: “Kha-taam Kaa-ree”, Meaning: “Marquetry Art”), a Persian version of marquetry, involves the intricate art of decorating surfaces with delicate pieces of wood, bone, and metal. This art form dates back to the Safavid era, embodying centuries of Iranian traditional art. Each piece in our collection tells a story, reflecting the deep historical roots and skilled craftsmanship of Iranian artisans.

The Evolution of Persian Khatam Kari

The art of Iranian Khatam Kari developed significantly during the Seljuk period and flourished in the Safavid era. The exquisite inlaid doors of Golestan Palace’s Mirror Hall and the pulpit of Shiraz’s Atiq Grand Mosque are a testament to this enduring craft. Over centuries, artisans have perfected their techniques, creating masterpieces that adorn both sacred and secular spaces.

Iranian Khatam Kari Today

Today, Persian Marquetry continues to be a cherished art form in Iran, especially in cities like Isfahan and Shiraz. Modern artisans uphold traditional methods, ensuring each item maintains its authentic Persian heritage while incorporating contemporary designs to suit today’s aesthetic preferences.

Exquisite Persian Khatam Kari Items

Khatam Kari Boxes

Explore our collection of Khatam Kari boxes, where functionality meets beauty. These Persian Marquetry boxes, ideal for storing your precious items, are also stunning decorative pieces. Each Khatam Kari box, with its intricate patterns and designs, showcases the painstaking detail and patience that go into this traditional Iranian craft.

Khatam Jewelry Box

Our Khatam Jewelry Boxes are perfect for keeping your treasured items safe while adding a touch of elegance to your vanity. Each box is a blend of Persian artistry and practical design, making it a valuable addition to your collection.

Persian Khatam Kari Frames

Our Persian Marquetry frames are more than just picture holders; they are artworks themselves. Crafted with precision and care, these frames add an element of Iranian elegance to any room. Whether showcasing cherished memories or standing alone as decorative pieces, they’re a testament to the enduring appeal of Persian art.

Persian Khatam Picture Frame

These picture frames are meticulously inlaid with geometric patterns, reflecting the sophisticated style of Persian Khatam Kari. Each frame is a unique piece, making it a perfect gift or a special treat for your home decor.

Persian Khatam Kari Mirrors

Our Khatam Kari mirrors are not only functional but also serve as exquisite decorative pieces. The intricate Persian marquetry around the mirror adds a touch of Persian elegance to any space, making it a focal point in your home.

The Persian Khatam Kari Process

Crafting Persian Marquetry

Creating a Persian Khatam Kari piece involves inserting tiny pieces of wood, metal, and bone into geometric shapes. This detailed process requires incredible patience and skill. Craftsmen prepare materials like ebony, walnut, brass, and camel bone, meticulously shaping them into intricate patterns.

Quality and Precision

The quality of a Persian Marquetry item is determined by the regularity of its patterns and the precision of its assembly. Each piece of Persian Marquetry must align perfectly to create a seamless, beautiful design. This process not only requires technical skill but also an artistic eye.

Persian Khatam Kari Prices and Availability

Affordable Luxury

We believe in offering our exquisite Persian Marquetry pieces at competitive prices. Our pricing reflects the artistry, time, and materials involved in creating these unique items, ensuring you receive both quality and value. From affordable smaller items to more luxurious pieces, there’s something for every budget.

The Intricate Beauty of Khatam Kari

Immerse yourself in the intricate beauty of Persian Khatam Kari, a traditional Persian art form that combines wood, metal, and bone inlays to create stunning geometric patterns. Dating back to the Safavid era, Khatam Kari is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and skilled craftsmanship of Iranian artisans. Each piece of this elegant Persian Marquetry, whether it’s a decorative box, an elegant frame, or a detailed mirror, showcases the patience and precision required to produce these masterpieces. Discover more about Persian Marquetry, this fascinating art form, and see the meticulous process behind it by watching our featured video. Enhance your home with the timeless elegance of our Khatam Kari collection.

Khatam Kari FAQ:

  1. What is Persian Khatam Kari?
    Khatam Kari is a traditional Persian art form of marquetry, involving wood inlay, bone, and metal into intricate geometric patterns.
  2. Where does Khatam Kari originate from?
    Khatam Kari or Persian Marquetry originated in Iran and became highly popular during the Safavid era.
  3. What materials are used in Khatam Kari?
    Materials used include ebony, walnut, brass, camel bone, and sometimes precious metals like silver.
  4. How is Khatam Kari made?
    Khatam Kari is made by cutting materials into small, precise pieces and arranging them into geometric patterns, which are then inlaid onto surfaces.
  5. What types of items are available in Khatam Kari?
    Items include boxes, frames, mirrors, jewelry boxes, backgammon boards, and other decorative pieces.
  6. Are Khatam Kari items durable?
    Yes, with proper care, Khatam Kari items are very durable and can last for many years.
  7. How do I care for Persian Marquetry products?
    Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and moisture. Clean gently with a soft cloth.
  8. What is the price range of Persian Marquetry products?
    Prices vary based on the complexity and size of the item, ranging from affordable pieces to luxurious items.
  9. Can I order Khatam Kari items online?
    Yes, you can browse and purchase Khatam Kari items from Persis Collection with guaranteed worldwide delivery.
  10. Why choose the Persis Collection for Khatam Kari?
    Persis Collection is the largest and most trusted online Persian shopping gallery, offering high-quality Khatam Kari with a guarantee of authenticity and craftsmanship.